Creating and Printing PDF Receipts

To create PDF receipts and print them you will the use Receipting menu in @EASE.

The first step is to Process PDF Receipts. Use the Batch Number to select charitable donations which will print using the PDF format.

Enter the Batch Number and click on Refresh Receipt List.

Highlight the donations and click Create PDF Receipt.  It is at this time a Receipt Number is automatically assigned and a PDF is created and saved in the PDF Receipt folder. All receipts are stored using the receipt number assigned.

A message will appear indicating the number of PDF receipts that have been successfully created.

The next step involves printing the PDF receipts.  Return to the Receipting menu and select Print PDF Receipts.

Enter the Batch Number range used for the creation of the PDF receipts and click Refresh Receipt List.

Click on Print beside the Batch Number range.  Please Note: Reprint and Yearly Receipts also use this window.

The receipts just created will appear with the receipt numbers that were assigned. Highlight the receipts to print.

To select all receipts click the blank box to the left of the column FND.

Once selected click Preview and Print PDF in the bottom right corner of the window.

A message will appear saying in this case 3 receipts have been merged.

The first of the three receipts will appear in the window. Click on the Print icon and your receipts will print out.