Setting up Organizational Defaults for PDF Receipts

PDF receipts much like eReceipts have a unique numbering system. Once created a PDF receipt cannot be reset as the numbers must remain for the charity's audit trail.

PDF receipts are used where the charity has chosen not to use the pre-printed forms which have been sequentially numbered.

To use PDF receipts some setup is required in Organizational Defaults

In the section labeled PDF Receipt, a Receipt Starting No: is required. This number should be very different from the numbers used for pre-printed receipts or eReceipts. The receipt number should be no longer than 10 characters.

The check box Default PDF Receipt when activated with updates all donations which require a charitable receipt but have not yet been printed to PDF receipt. There is an exception:  If the receipt has not yet been printed but shows eReceipt, the eReceipt takes precedence.

The Receipt Folder Path should be a folder found in the EaseKMS. Once PDF receipts are created they are saved to this folder. 

DO NOT move PDF receipts to other folders based on year as should a copy be required from the original set of receipts, @EASE will not be able to locate it.

The PDF Security section offers an Encrypted password for the PDF receipt.

Printing Requirements:

To create a PDF receipt a Signature File must be available. The Signature File path is found on the Receipt tab above. 

The organization's Logo file should also be available. The path to the Logo is found on the Organization tab.

We recommend that the logo and signature be saved in the EaseKMS under the Graphics folder.

Situation: Yearly Fix

On occasion a pledge detail record which has been updated to master but not yet printed may not have PDF checked. The Yearly total for PDF receipt will be incorrect.  To fix this problem, uncheck PDF and save. This will remove the PDF check box from all charitable donations not yet receipted. Recheck the box and save again and this will update all receipts and the yearly receipt should now reflect a full total.