Noncharitable Receipts for a Charitable Donation

Some of our clients wish to send a receipt to non-profit organizations, like foundations, that give them a charitable donation.

We have added a new value to the Receipt Required field to manage this situation. In the campaign window below, the Receipt Required field says 'Charitable with a non-charitable receipt'.

The entry in the Receipt window shows default Receipt Required value based on the campaign selected.

Nonprofit Grant Donation

Use the Receipting menu to select Process PDF Receipt. Enter the Batch Number range and uncheck Donation Type Charitable. Click Refresh Receipt List and the transaction appears.

ighlight the record(s) to create the receipt(s) and click Create PDF Receipt. A window will appear when this is complete so that you can go to the final step of printing.

Clicking Create PDF Receipt for the highlighted entry will create a new PDF with the next available noncharitable receipt number.

The final step is to print the receipt. Go to the Receipting menu to select Print PDF Receipts were the Batch Number range is entered followed by Refresh Receipt List.

The bottom right of the window has the Preview and Print button to complete the receipt.

The receipt has a number identified by N for noncharitable and 10 for its number. The thank you message appears and all is done except the physical printing.