How to Build a Direct Mail Campaign

        This tutorial is more about setting up a direct mail campaign so that donations can be allocated to it. See the Features to Note below.

        Direct Mail Campaign

        Features to Note:

        • Campaign Year is the Fiscal Year for the organization.
        • Campaign Type is DM or Direct Mail representing the type of ASK.
        • Campaign Code identifies how and in this case when the donor responds.The D01 - D04 are used in @EASE to identify donations from the 4 quarters of a charity's fiscal year.

        • Start and End Date are documentary only.

        • Mailed Appeals and Mailed Reminders are useful to tracking the campaigns cost be ask and cost per donation.

        • The Breakout Code, or Fund is identified. In this case the fund is non-designated but we are interested in the Source of the gift, so we have used DirectMail.

        • The Receipt Required field indicates how the gift will be receipt or if a receipt will be issued at all.

        • The Letter field is used to identify which Thank You letter will be used for these gifts.

        • The Goal is documentary and useful to determine how successful fund development has been in determining the potential results.

        • Charitable is checked if all donations to the campaign are charitable.

        • Yearly is used to determine when a receipt is issued for Pledge campaigns and sometimes for organizations who wish to send out one receipt annually regardless of the campaign type. 

        • On-going relates to Pledge campaigns for monthly donations where the donor has no specific end date.

        • Donation Category is very important. @EASE uses this information to determine how a donation is accumulated to a donor's fiscal year gift summary. Changes to the Donation Category are not allowed once gifts have been recorded to the campaign in question.

        • Print on Receipt has two options. One is for the Thank You message which is entered through the Campaign Profile. This Profile button is activated only once the Campaign information on the main window is Saved.  Gift in Kind is used only for campaigns which have gift-in-kind data. Checking this field ensures that the contents of the Receipt Notes field found on the Receipt Window are printed onto a donor's Receipt.  The Gift in Kind box should only be checked when donations of this type are expected. In general, these donations are considered to have a Donation Category of  Merchandise as they are not cash.