@EASE Qualities - Characteristics about your Donors, Funders and more

Qualities in @EASE are general characteristics. They are also used to create temporary holding areas for a set of records that a user may wish to retrieve. 

The Other Utilities menu enables the charity to remove groups from a Quality category. This facilitates cleaning so that unnecessary codes can be removed from the Qualities table.

Quality Table Values:

Note, we recommend a prefix for tables of a like type. Table values are 25 characters long so being succinct is important.

Segmenting by Business

Segmenting Corporate records by Type of Business can be useful to determine who is supporting a charity and those that have not yet donated or sponsored.

Example: Businesses  Bus: Banks ... is useful. Where there are numerous banks supporting a general value looks at all companies included where a further subgroup could also be useful.

Staff Positions

Example: Positions ... Pos: Sponsorships   We recommend a Position quality for all Contacts so charity staff knows why they have been included and the role they play in helping the charity raise funds.  Contacts can have more than one position depending on all the roles they play. Titles are not always the best indicator.

Other Nonprofits

Example: Service Clubs  SC: Rotary, SC: Kinettes  Service Clubs can be very helpful, and knowing which ones have supported a charity can be useful. Church organizations fall into this category.

Example: Schools, unions, foundations, and other not-for-profit organizations.


Example: Radio and by station, TV, print

List Exclusions

Example: Exclude categories  When building export lists know donors who do not want any form of solicitation. Exclude: Do Not Mail

Account Managers

Add account managers to specific donors. This is useful for capital campaigns and fund development staff.


Wealth categories and ownership interests can all be created in @EASE.

Identifying groups of records being used by staff members or when major direct mail selections are saved for final export.


Members with Donation Amounts by Quality

Corporate Contacts Profile by the Quality on a Corporate Donor Record

Donor Profile Reports for multiple members of Quality group.


All staff members for a Corporate record by Quality

Donors both private and corporate by Quality

Contacts by Position Quality