Volunteer Lookup Tables

Volunteers have more Lookup Table options than any other entity added to @EASE. The Lookup table values are assigned through the volunteer's Profile. Volunteers can be either Private or Corporate records.

Volunteer Summary

*** In all cases, changes to values in the Lookup tables will be reflected on the volunteers record. For example changing CPR in the table below to RPC will create confusion. Only Administrative level staff are allowed to create or make changes and these individuals need to be aware of the consequences of the change.

Volunteer Credentials is a date specific field where a credential is either pending or complete. We recommend the charity define each credential capture to show the significance of the date. Is it the date the credential was applicable or when it is due to be renewed. @Ease refers to Credentials as Accreditations.

Volunteer Interests should reflect the options available on your Volunteer Application form to ensure the charity knows who can best provide time and services. Note in our example that we have prefixed the options so they are easily identifiable.

Volunteer Recognition is used to reward volunteers by the hours they have contributed. Other forms of recognition like number of years or special forms of thank you are recorded for use in this lookup table. Recognition when entered to the volunteer's record is given a date the recognition was given.

Volunteer Region is used to identify the area a volunteer lives. This is useful when searching for volunteers by city.

Volunteer Schedule Activity Status is used by the Volunteer Schedule. When volunteers fail to appear for assigned jobs, a status value can be entered to inform the coordinator. Cancelled and No Show are system entries which cannot be modified or removed.

Volunteer Type tells us about the volunteer. Are they a practicum student, a board member or whatever other category the charity finds useful. This information is recorded when using Volunteer Activity Hours.

Other Tables Useful for Volunteers

The Language table where it may be useful to know spoken and written languages.

The Quality table for other forms of interest or Exclusions categories.

The Membership Table is used for identify board members and their title roles.