Segmenting Your Donor Database Presentation Handouts

Presentation materials on the webinar Segmenting your Donor Database.

The presentation we offered focused on Corporate Donors and the benefits of identifying groups by their business type.

In addressing Private Donors, you could segment by giving practices for a start.  Who are your most committed donors, those who give to your organization consistently over a series of years?  You can see how this is done in section V: Q-Xpress Selections. Next, you might want to segment by dollar amounts. High-value donors sometimes have different expectations regarding the service you provide them. Last you may want to review which breakout codes or funds donors support. This offers a charity the opportunity to keep groups of donors well informed.

Regardless of how you choose to segment your donors, remember to keep in touch with them. Use your newsletter software to share short stories about how their dollars are making an impact.

Presentation Notes

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