Setting Up a Campaign to enable eReceipts

Campaign Profile eReceipt Setup

Each campaign which has eReceipt donations needs to have the Email tab found in the Profile set up with an appropriate message to accompany the pdf version of the eReceipt.

We have a donation that is requesting an eReceipt.

We have created the eReceipt through Receipting \ Process eReceipts using the batch number.

We are now ready to send the eReceipt using Receipting \ Send eReceipts using the batch number.

In the Status column, there are messages.

Please note: We added a company eReceipt in the following example to demonstrate the need for a specific Email type description found on the Corporate master record.

The donation to 2023DMD03 does not have the Email tab on the campaign filled out. This is required to email an eReceipt. There is a Subject line and message used for this purpose.

The donation for the corporate record C001505 does not have the required eReceipt email type displayed on the Corporate master record. This is required for all corporate donations to ensure eReceipts do not get lost.

To fix these situations, we will first go to the campaign record 2023DMD03.

The Profile for this campaign has an Email tab where we entered the subject and thank you message used to accompany the eReceipt.

The Corporate record requires an email address identified as eReceipt.

Once these corrections are made, we can return to the Send eReceipts window and click Refresh on the far right or open the window again using Receipting \ Send eReceipts. The Status column is now blank.

Select all receipts and click Email in the bottom right corner of the window.

Your eReceipts have been sent.