Setting up a Campaign to Record Unsolicited Gifts in Kind

We usually recommend that gifts in kind be set up in a separate campaign. These are donations to the charity which may or may not be charitable or receipted. Recording what was given is important in maintaining good information from a donor perspective as well as for the charity and potential reporting requirements.

The only campaign type where we show gifts in kind as well as cash as Sponsorship campaigns.

Unsolicted GIK CampaignFeatures to Note:

The Naming convention tells us the Campaign Type is Unsolicited. The Campaign Code tells us it is a Gift in Kind ... something the charity can use. Do not get confused with other forms of gifts-in-kind like Auction or AUC donations. The purpose of a GIK and AUC are completely different.

Gifts-in-Kind are Non-Charitable with No Receipt Required. When recording a GIK we recommend a value be placed on the item. When donor walls are based on cash donations we have elected to identify these donations as Merchandise..

Note that under Print on Receipt we have check off Gift in Kind and Thank You messages. This supports those gifts-in-kind provided by private individuals where they can support the value of their gift. In these instances at the point of entry, Charitable can be modified as well as Receipt Required.

Businesses do not require a charitable receipt as they can expense this form of a gift. A nice thank you letter is all that is required.  Where a Charitable receipt is requested, the Receipt Notes are needs to have an explicit description of the item which may also require an appraisal.

The key for receipting is Fair Market Value.

In all cases, charitable or not, use the Receipt Notes area on the Receipt window to describe the gift. When speaking with the donor you will have the right information to comment on their generosity.