Managing Grants

Recording information on organizations that offer grants is important when looking for dollars or managing proposal due dates. These organizations might be foundations or corporations with specific giving criteria.

The Donor Interests tab found in the Corporate Profile is used to record interests. The Lookup Tables is where you will find the Donor Interests table to enter individual values related to why an organization would give you to charity.

We have recommended the use of a Request campaign to identify grant proposals that have been sent but not awarded or declined.  This makes pulling a list of all outstanding activities easy to find.  

We have found that some clients prefer to use Dickens to show a request, however, by using a Campaign, the campaign entry will eventually be either an award (DON) for a single amount or possibly a pledge (PLG) with a disbursement schedule ... or a DCL decline. In the event of a decline, the Receipt Notes area should be updated with why they declined. If it is a simple as they ran out of money, a Dickens entry for the following year would be advisable, so that the charity is first in line.