How to Install an Update

Periodically Batsch Group Inc sends out program updates for @EASE. When these updates are sent they may consist of an EasePatch which updates the instructions @EASE uses to run and it may also consist of a database update EaseUpdate. 

The method of delivery for an update is a path to the Batsch Group website, On the web page, you will find either an EasePatch and depending on the update EaseUpdate database update. The EasePatch is named by the Year, Month and Day it was assembled. For example, EasePatch20180607.exe is the June 7, 2018 patch. The database update is given a number and once updated, the program patch and database version must be compatible for the program to launch. 

We have provided the main folder for all @EASE activity. This folder is called EaseResources. The EaseResources folder is found on your server. A subfolder is used to download all new update elements. This folder on older systems is called EaseResources\Ease2008ProgramUpdates. On newer installs, the folder is called EaseResources\EaseProgramUpdates. 

Download all elements of the update to this folder. Installing the Patch Select one computer and update the program instructions by running the EasePatch executable. This update can be run from the EaseResources\EaseProgramUpdates folder by clicking on it. Be sure your current version of @EASE is closed to enable the changes. This needs to be run from each workstation running @EASE. 

Updating the Database Update The database update needs to be run only ONCE and from a computer that has had the current patch installed. The database update MUST be run from the C:\Program Files(x86)\Ease folder … for older installs this might be C:\Program Files(x86)\Ease2008. IMPORTANT: 

What this means is the file EaseUpdate file needs to be copied to the folder with the instruction set on one computer, before it can run as it uses some of the files which are resident. Once this is completed and all workstations are updated, @EASE is ready to go. 

For more information please download this document .