Receipt Margins

The Standard margin settings for Receipts are the following:

  1. LeftMargin =1262 units = 2.226 cm (1mm =56.7 units
  2. TopMargin = 1616 units = 2.85 cm  (1mm =56.7 units)

To override above setting, in Ease.ini define new settings as follows

  1. ReceiptLeftMargin= 1318.7 … this moves the left margin to the right by 1 mm
  2. ReceiptTopMargin=  1672.7 … this moves the start of the Receipt information down by 1 mm

The Ease.ini file will now look like this:  Entries must show exact names and capitalization.




Datapath= your regular path statement

Adjusting the Top

When making any changes if the only the top margin needs adjusting, only include the top margin statement. The same is for the left margin, include it only if required.

Please Note:  @EASE needs to be closed and re-opened with each change made before testing.

EASE Patch:  The EasePatch20150514.exe or a newer patch must be installed as only this version will read the margin settings.

To test your values, go to the Receipt menu and select Print Receipts. Run a Print Test and keep this copy as the primary print to check your changes against.  Be sure to mark this test sheet to prevent confusion.

Close @EASE and modify the settings in the Ease.INI file … please note each user has their own Ease.INI file so if receipts are printed from more than one computer, these changes must be made and tested on all computers.

Open @EASE and run a Test Print. Hold the new sheet up to the first sheet printed and see if you have achieved the results you want.

If not, modify the settings and try again.  Once satisfactory, we recommend adding a Print Receipt Document to your Instructions folder in the EaseKMS.

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