Questions about Security


Security is important in today's marketplace with hackers and bad actors everywhere.

Be sure before you ever click on an attachment or link that you receive by email that you know who the sender is. 

When we are suspicious, we will check the Senders email address.

If you are ever concerned about something Batsch Group sends, contact us first.  Our normal method of communication is through Constant Contact.  

It is important to ensure all staff members do not click on sites and especially attachments or unknown websites.  Hackers will often pretend to be service providers of other forms.  We almost got caught once when a group pretending to be MacAfee tried to say they took money from our account through a direct debit. We do not use direct debit and were able to get out of their spider web of deceit.

Be careful is all we can say. 

Here is information pertaining to security that we can provide you with.

Donate Now

We use for the location of our Donate Now site. Donations are processed through iATS Payments.

We requested information from SmarterASP.NET and this was their response:

Ransomware targets at the server side instead of a particular website. Our servers are monitored by anti-virus program on 7/24, firewall, and ACL in networking. Moreover, our data is regularly backed up by our SAN servers. Therefore, your websites on our servers are secured.

iATS Payments

Conor Galvin responded with the following information and a downloadable article that I think is well worth reading.

We are a PCI Level 1 Organization, meaning we adhere to the highest level of PCI Compliance.

iATS Document

MS Azure

Our Azure clients have the benefit of Microsoft security. For those clients running the Remote Desktop version where @EASE is run from the cloud, the MFA or Multi-Factor Authentication ensures only valid users have access.

@EASE Database

The @EASE database has a 13-character password. We DO NOT Recommend housing bank or credit card information within the program.

Clients using the iATS integration have the additional peace of mind that no credit card or bank information is kept within the @EASE database.

eReceipt Security

If the server you are using supports SSL, Mark “Requires an encrypted connection (SSL)” in @EASE as shown above.

The Email server will automatically send emails thru an encrypted channel and will handle asymmetric encryption automatically.