Which Donors gave 2500 + in the last 5 years?

You may want to find donors who have given in specific dollar ranges over the last several years.

This selection looks at accumulated giving over those years and when used over many years is ideal for donor recognition.

To find donors who have given accumulated dollars use Q-Xpress\Donors Selections.

The output from this selection gives the donor name, the accumulated amount in the period requested, the number of times they donated to give the amount as well as the first and last fiscal year they donated.

From this list:

  • you can export the list using Q-Xpress\ Q-Xpress Export
  • you can select records by the range and Assign Recognition;
  • you can run reports like the Donor Profile Report or Members with Donations Amounts to see they giving by fiscal year or
  • run the RFM report to better view their giving.

To find donors who have given 2500 or more in each of the last five years you would use the selection Donor Summary by Year!