Using Web Client on Your Azure Remote Desktop Account

Web Client is a good addition to your home computer or small mobile computer.

As long as you have WIFI you can access all your @EASE data on the go or while working off-site.

Web Client does not have access to your workstations printers and other resources.

The following document provides you with all you need to understand about uploading, downloading and printing documents.

Uploading files to the cloud through web client requires the use of the up arrow on the top menu.

Clicking the Up Arrow brings up a new window where you identify the file you want to move into the web client workspace.

For more information read the Web Client download document below.

Lost the Ability to find the Web Print option: 

You may have responded Don't Ask Again to the Access Local Resources window.

To correct this, log out of Web Client. Go to the internet browser you use and delete all Cookies and browsing history.  Once this is completed, log back in to Web Client and the Allow Resources window will once more provide you with access to the Print option for PDF files.

Web Client Download