Building Ongoing Pledge Details for the Next Year

Ongoing Pledges use Pledge Detail records to confirm gift amounts. When a Pledge master record is create for an on-going gift, pledge detail records are built but only to the end of the current calendar year in which the pledge started.

In December, the details for the next calendar year can be built.

The build will address all monthly donations as well as those which have payment methods like quarterly, annual, bi-weekly etc. The date range use for the build is important to ensure all potential donations are noted when the details are created.

The Year-End for Calendar Year-End provides the Ongoing Pledge Build for New Year Report. This record using the date range provided will identify all on-going gifts displaying the amount and interval of the payments.

Calendar Year End options from the Year End menu

The window that appears when the build is requested is the following:

Once pledge detail records have been built for the year given, no further records are created for those where the process has been completed.

Below is an example of a pledge made quarterly. The window below shows the details before the update if run.

The next window shows records for quarterly Pledge Details, after the update was run.

Details are not built for ongoing pledges which are Cancelled.