BACKUP for your EASE Database and EASEKMS files

Clients using the Azure cloud can be confident that their Ease database and EaseKMS files are secure.

The Backup regimen is as follows:

  • OneDrive files are retained for 90 days in one drive recycle bin if users accidentally delete files.
  • OneDrive keeps last 25 version of any file that you edit
  • OneDrive is also backed up to our Storage account monthly by us.
  • Storage Drive on Azure in backed up every day where the EaseKMS folder is on the Azure site. This is predicated on the allowable Port options with your Internet provider.
  • EASE Database on the SQL Server is backed up every day
  • Everyday Copies are kept for 35 Days
  • Weekly Copies are kept for  1 Year
  • Monthly Copies are kept for 5 Years
  • Yearly Copies are kept for 10 Years

Where files need to be restored please contact Batsch Group.