Members with Donation Amounts

Members with Donation Amounts

The Members with Donation Amount Report is used for groups identified by a Membership or Quality. This report can also print using records selected and displayed in Q-Xpress View.

Donation Types is a required field; for cash donations click Donations; to display dollars earned by Participants select Participation. One or more of the Donation Types categories can be selected. 

The End Year is the last year of the five years to be reported. Status is an optional field.

When selecting Membership, if the Membership is date specific a date range is entered, otherwise it can be left blank.

The following output is Elite Private Donors.

The numbers in blue show the number of times the donor gave in the year for the amount shown.

This report can be most useful when reporting organizations by segment.  For example, gifts by specific service clubs, foundations or businesses by type.