How to Add an MLA or MP to @EASE

Elected government officials can be an issue because they often have two addresses, one being the constituency office and the other the parliamentary or legislature office.

The following tutorial addresses how to do this in the easiest manner without creating duplicate entries.

To begin we will set up two Quality values:

Member Legislature

Member Home

Create the Corporate record for the Constituency Office.  Add an additional Address to the Corporate record or the Legislature.

Add in the Representative as a Contact. Make this person the Key Contact for Corporate record. Add the Quality Member Home to the Corporate record.

Go to the Contact record and select the Legislature address. Add the Quality Member Legislature to the Contact's Profile.

This technique lets you write to the Member at their Home or Constituency office or to the Member at their Legislature office.

In case one above you would use Donor Selections \ Donor by Quality using Member Home.

In case two above you would use Donor Selections \ Corporate Contacts by Quality using the Quality Member Legislature.

Please Note:  The Quality Member Home is on the Corporate record C002793.

The Quality Member Legislature is on the Contact record for Mary Jones who is the elected official.

This method enables access to the same individual at two separate addresses with only one contact entry.