Q-Xpress Selections for Special Events

Q-Xpress Selections

Q-Xpress selections that will be very useful to you include:

You want to build an export file for your Gala Committee members.          

Donor Selections \ Donor by Membership

You want to build an export file to invoice ticket purchasers.

Receipt Amount Payment Method Date

You want to create your paper Bid Sheets    

You want to create the Auction Items catalog.

You want to send a thank you letter to all Auction donors.               

Corporate Contacts \ Quality

You want to send out a  PSA                                                

You want to send a thank you to your Sponsors

Building your Invitation Listing

You want to build your initial invitation list

            Qualities for Invite to Gala,    

            Receipt Amount Payment Method Date for past attendees

            Memberships for Elite donors, government etc


Gala Committee Merge Files

Your Gala Committee will be easily accessible through Reports as well as Q-Xpress selections by using Private Donor Listings by Membership or Donor Selections by Membership in Q-Xpress Selections using your Committee name.

Telephone, fax and email is always nice to offer all Committee members.

Auction Item, Prizes and Favours Merge Files

Auction item Bid Sheets, the Auction Program, receipting requirements and your Thank You letters to auction item donors will all come from the Auction Items campaign. 

The Receipt Amount Payment Method Date Q-Xpress selection will provide the data to create all of the above.  Be sure to select the Include Amounts box for full details!

Table Sales Merge Files

Receipt Amount Payment Method Date will prove to be a very valuable Q-Xpress selection for you.

You will use this selection to select Pledged payments for Ticket Sales. 

It will offer the opportunity to create an invoice and track payments that have not been received, as well as those that have been paid.

The Table or Ticket purchase campaign will provide you with the data for your event Table Listings that your Reception Desk volunteers will use to advise guests of the seating arrangements and table allocations.