Special Event Reports and Forms

Special Event Reports and Forms

There are several reports that will tell you how your event is coming along.  Some are standard @EASE reports ... some you will create yourself ... and some we have provided for your Forms Toolkit.

Special Event @EASE Reports

1. The Campaign Listing Report will let you check to ensure all your campaigns have been set up correctly.

2. The Receipt Batch Report is used to report all receipt entry and enable you to check to ensure what you entered is complete and correct. The example below is a Grand Total Report.

3. The Campaign Contributor Report lists all donors and participants by campaign.  This report includes both the Amount and the Registration Amount.  It can be a handy report for listing all ticket and table sales.

4. The Campaign Listing with Dollars Report shows the number of dollars that have been received.  

When Updated to Master has not been completed, this report can be run from the receipt input by selecting the Date Range option.

5. The Campaign Prospect Report will show you by Mailing List category how your auction item donations are coming along.

For example, the auction committee may be a little short in the Weekend Get-Away category?  This report will show you how many gifts have by category and what the dollar value of those donations are.

To print the reports listed in points 1, 3, and 4, go to Reports \ Campaign Reports. 

For the reports in points 2 and 5, go to Reports \ Donor Receipting.

Building the Event Tool Kit

We have provided a sampling of Planning and Merge Documents that will be emailed to you.  These documents build your Event Toolkit.

These documents should be placed in your EaseKMS on your server under a new folder called Special Events.

The documents can be modified to include your Logo and Name as well as the Event Name.  As they are modified they should be moved to the EaseKMS \ Forms folder.

To complete the task and maintain a quality Knowledge Management System add the names of these documents and the purpose they serve under a Special Events category on the Formskey.doc.  As you recall, this document is an inventory of all your Forms Toolkit.

Merge Documents

The Merge Document included is:

The Planning Documents included are:

  • Event Plan:  Identifies all critical dates, completion times and committee responsibilities.  Event Planning Form.
  • Committee Plan:  Identifies all critical dates and completion times for committee work. Event Committee Planning Form.
  • Event Team Planning Form:  Identifies team captains and team members that will be performing specific tasks Campaign Team Worksheet .
  • Silent Auction Category Form : This form is used to identify the major donation categories that will help define the Mailing List Lookup Table entries. 
  • Volunteer Jobs Form : This form is used to begin a pencil and paper listing of all jobs that volunteers will be needed for.  These jobs will be entered in the Campaign Event Lookup Table. Event Planning Form Volunteer Requirements.doc