Recording Revenue

Recording Revenue

Often items are sold at an event to increase the revenue.  These items might be tickets for a draw, liquor sales, educational pieces like books or CD's ... or fun things like beads.

The Mailing List field is used to define the items being sold ... ie Beads, Raffle Tickets, liquor sales etc.  

The Campaign Prospect Report will show what dollars were generated for the Revenue Campaign by the items in question. 

The following is a sample of a revenue item being entered.

Features to Note:

Upon selecting the 2015 Gala Revenue campaign all default values populated the receipt fields.

The Fundraising Number is the Charity

The Amount displays the dollar value of what was received. 

Receipt Required is No.

Charitable is not checked.

The Breakout Code shows GalaRevenu.

The Mailing List field shows the item sold.

Raffle tickets, Wine and Spirits, Other items

The letter is NoLetter

The Campaign Prospect Report is used to show the dollar value of the items sold at the event.

The Criteria of the report would be the fiscal year - 2015, the campaign type - GA and the campaign code - REV.