Recording Silent and Live Auction Sales

Online Auctions

For Online Auctions we recommend checking out The program works with @EASE and enables the gala committee to offer particularly interesting items to a larger group of individuals.

Items can be entered into @EASE imported into MOBILBID. Purchases can be exported so the charity knows who has supported the auction.

Go To MobilBid.CA

Recording Auction Sales

Auction Sales can be useful to record.  It is often good to know who likes to participate in Silent or Live Auctions.  We suggest that you keep purchases for the Silent Auction and the Live Auction separate ... if you choose to use only one campaign to record this information the Mail List field can be helpful to record Live or Silent.

Auction purchase Campaigns are Donation Category: Merchandise.  Dollars spent by your participants are accumulated to the Merchandise column in their Donor Summary.

Here is a sample Auction Sale.

Features to Note:

Upon selecting the 2015 Gala Auction Sales campaign all default values populated the receipt fields.

The purchaser is identified and the Amount field shows what they paid. 

There is no receipt for this type of donation and it is non-charitable.

The Breakout is GalaSilnt.

The Mailing List field is blank.

The letter is NoLetter.

The Receipt Notes area shows the price of the donated item where the initial price is significant.