Donation Campaign

Donation Campaign

We recommend that you set up a campaign to accept donations from those attending the event as well as those who might want to give a donation but are unable to attend your event.

Full disclosure of all dollars is our goal and creating a donation campaign helps to identify those individuals and possibly companies who want to give a gift.

One option we have seen at events is providing a small gift card and envelope at each setting. Remember to make a formal ask at the event.

Features to Note:

The Description of the Campaign contains the fiscal year

The Breakout Code ... specific to Gala Dontn

Charitable is checked.

Receipt Required shows Yes (Based on Lowest Dollar Receipted).

The Letter shows that you want to write a specific letter.

Print on Receipt shows that you will print a Thank you on the receipt.

Donations under Donation Category shows which Donor Summary field will be updated when the gift is received and posted or Updated to Master.

Remember to put in Thank You messages for those receipts you do print.

Please Note:  

If a Monthly Donation is requested, a Pledge Campaign can be set up to identify the source of the pledged gift.

When setting up pledge campaigns, remember to keep 'on-going' and 'fixed length' gifts in separate campaigns.