Revenue Campaign

Revenue Campaign

Quite cash items are sold at an event.  It might be draw tickets or some kind of favours like beads.  It is always preferable to know how much money an event raised.  We recommend that all revenue (cash) items be recorded through a revenue campaign.

A Revenue Campaign has a donation type of Merchandise.  There are no receipts generated for it and the dollars are all non-charitable.

Here is a sample Revenue Campaign for the gala.

Features to Note:

The Description of the Campaign contains the fiscal year

The Breakout Code is GalaRevenu

Charitable is unchecked.

Receipt Required shows No Receipts for this type of donation.

The letter is NoLetter.

Print on Receipt values are all blank.

Merchandise under Donation Category shows which Donor Summary field will be updated when the gift is received and posted or Updated to Master.

The donor receiving credit for revenue items might be the charity itself.  This provides the charity with an opportunity to see which items sell best.

There may be only 3 or 4 entries added to this campaign. The Mailing List field on the Receipt record identifies the sources of the cash and the Campaign Prospect Report prints the entries and the amounts recorded.