Sponsorship Campaign

Sponsorship Campaign

Sponsors can provide cash or services in the form of gifts-in-kind. All sponsorships are entered in this campaign.

There may be a variety of organizations that provide sponsorships. Some are cash sponsors and/or gift-in-kind. Do not forget to include all service providers like the event photographer or the company that provides flowers for the table. All of these services add to an event and to forget to record or thank any of them would be an enormous mistake.

Sponsorships are non-charitable. The Donation Category for sponsorships is Sponsorship

Here is a typical Sponsorship Campaign:

Features to Note:

The  Description of the Campaign contains the fiscal year

The  Breakout Code ... specific to Gala Spnsr

Charitable is left unchecked indicating a non-charitable donation.

Receipt Required shows No Receipt for this type of donation.  If no formal receipt is required, a letter receipt might be more than adequate.

The  Letter shows NoLetter.

Print on Receipt shows that if a formal receipt is required, these fields will print on the receipt.

Sponsorship is selected under Donation Category. The Donor Summary Sponsorship field will be updated when the gift is received and posted or U2M (Updated to Master).

Please Note: Some clients use non-charitable hardcopy receipts. If this is the case, Receipt Required would be Yes, and Print on Receipt would include both Thank You's and Gift In Kind. The Thank you message in the Profile would need to be added.

The Sponsorship campaign is where we recommend that all campaign Expenses be recorded. The campaign's Profile is where expenses can be added. These entries are total amounts only.