Ticket Sales Campaign

Ticket Sales Campaign

The Ticket Sales Campaign is used to register all guests to your event both paying and complimentary or guest.

We do not separate table sales from individual tickets, rather we recommend placing all tickets in one campaign.

If you are using our Donate Now for your Ticket Sales you can create numerous categories like individual tickets, couples tickets, tables and tickets/tables with promo codes. Importing is easy and all pricing considerations regarding benefit and charitable are already managed for you.  Check out Ticket Sales in Section VII: @EASE RFWE Donate Now

The Ticket Sales campaign has some considerations:

Will you be giving a charitable receipt for a portion of the ticket sale? 

If Yes:  What is the price of a ticket?  What is the charitable portion? What is the non-charitable or benefit portion?

The price of ONE ticket is $250.00 of which $150.00 is charitable and $100.00 is a benefit. The two amount add together for the price of a ticket. The Donation Category is Ticket Sale.

If most tickets are purchased by couples, enter the couple's pricing into the Ticket Sale fields.  If most tickets are sold as tables, enter the table pricing into the Ticket Sale fields.

Once tickets are entered into @EASE, the Donation Category area greys out and no further changes can be made.

If the full ticket price is Non-Charitable, it would have a Donation Category of  Merchandise.

Hint: For a non-charitable ticket you can default the ticket price by selecting Ticket under Donation Category and enter the amount in the Receipted Value field. Select Donation Category Merchandise and you will see the amount under Receipted Value remains. When the Ticket campaign is selected in the Receipt window the Receipted value will display in the Amount field. When the record is U2M, the amount goes to the purchasers Merchandise column.  

Features to Note:

  • The Description of the Campaign contains the fiscal year
  • The Breakout Code ... specific to GalaTicket
  • Charitable is checked.
  • Receipt Required shows Yes (Based on Lowest Dollar Value Receipted)
  • The letter shows that you want to write a specific letter to your ticket sales.
  • Print on Receipt shows that Thank You messages will print on the receipt.
  • Ticket Sale/Registration is selected under Donation Category shows which Donor Summary field will be updated when the gift is received and posted or Updated to Master.

Remember to put in Thank You messages in the campaign's Profile!  

The Thank You message field is 165 characters long enabling you to enter a Thank You message along with the price of a ticket showing the receipted amount and the benefit amount (cost) as required for Canadian clients.

Example: Thank you for attending the Spring Gala. Cost per ticket is $150 of which $100 is the benefit and $50 is charitable.