How to Void a Printed Receipt.

Printed receipts cannot be deleted.  Posted pledge details which create a receipt transaction cannot be deleted and receipt transactions paid by credit card with a confirmation number cannot be deleted.

In each of the cases above, a receipt record found in the Receipt Maintenance window can be Voided if they are no longer valid.

To void a receipt based on the criteria above use the Receipt Maintenance window to locate the receipt in question and click on it.

To VOID the receipt click the Delete button. A message will appear saying it cannot be deleted but that it can be Voided.

This process is NOT REVERSIBLE! ... so take care.

Please Note: If the receipt record has been U2M (updated to master) the numbers which were accumulated with be reversed. 

Where the record being Voided is from a previous fiscal year, voiding the record will affect current year totals. It will be important to move the fiscal year back.

Please contact us if a Void from a previous fiscal year is required.

Step 1: Finding the receipt record in question and opening it in the Receipt Maintenance Window 

  Locating the receipt to be voided.

Step 2: The message appears indicating the process is not reversible.

Step 3: Once Yes is clicked the Void action is taken.

Please note: A reason for the Void was entered to the Receipt Notes field. T

his field is always open regardless of the status of a receipt record.