Setting Up a Membership Campaign

Membership campaigns can be set up for different renewal dates as well as different types of memberships.

For example, a campaign Type of MB might have a campaign code of IND for individual, FML for family, SNR for senior, CRP for corporate or just MBR if there is no breakdown fee. 

For some clients, there might be a GFT or gift membership which is given to a person. If there is a donation given when members renew or purchase for the first time, we keep these in a separate campaign for clarity and it would be MBDON. Yes, we know this is an extra step but clarity is important!

Building a Campaign Master for Individual Members

Our fiscal year in this sample is January - December. The cost for an individual member for a year is $25.00.  The membership will be active for one full year; to end of the month the membership was purchased.

The cost is $25.00 for the membership. We clicked Ticket Sale to place $25.00 in the Receipted Value field so that we can apply a Breakout Code to the amount shown. If GST or Tax is added, the Registration Cost can be used to record the cost.  As this is non-charitable, the Donation Category is Merchandise.

If the membership was charitable, the Charitable box would be checked, in our example, the membership is non-charitable so the box is left blank.  

The Membership pulldown menu selected Month End One Year from Receipt Date.

Memberships can be One Year from Receipt Date, Two Years from Receipt Date, Month End One Year from Receipt Date, Month End Two Years from Receipt Date or a specific Renewal Date.

Once members have added to this campaign the Membership cannot be modified.  However, the Renewal Date shown on the receipt transaction record, can be modified should the charity choose to change the renewal based on the member participating in some way. For example, filling out a survey and the charity add an extra two months to the renewal date.