Ticketed Campaigns NEW 2019

There are new features for ticketed campaigns like lotteries, galas, golf tournaments, special event tickets and more. You can now create multiple types of tickets for an event if they are required. Each type will reflect the benefit and non-benefit amount. Participants will be able log in to the ticket link and select just the right type of ticket for their needs.

When the Campaign Type Ticket is selected the window above changes as shown below.

Total Tickets identifies how many tickets can be sold. Tickets Sold is the current tally of tickets purchased and Remaining Tickets identifies what is left. Total Tickets can be increased should more become available. Once Remaining Tickets is 0 the campaign purchase window is closed.

The Ticket Packs enables you to create multiple types of tickets for an event.

Each Ticket Pack Type has its own unique name as well as benefit and non-benefit values. The Tickets Per Pack indicates how many tickets are allocated to a single purchase. 

For full information download the PDF document and save it in your EaseKMS\Instructions folder.

Download PDF