Finding Your Most Committed Donors

@EASE updates by fiscal year the total donations a donor has gifted along with a donation count.

The Donor Summary for each individual or organization records the first and last fiscal year they have donated.

This provides the charity with an opportunity to recognize donors who have gifted over a series of years in all of those years or most of those years.

Add a Committed Donor value to the Lookup Tables, Quality table. We will use the code to identify the group of donors selected to print a Members with Donations Amount Report or a Donor Profile Report.

Donor Summary by Year

Features to Note:

  •          Provided an amount range. Only donors whose gift totals over the specified years fit into this range will be selected.
  •          Donations
  •          Year Range
  •          All Years

Only five records met the criteria.

The next step takes the upper value a little or the lower value a little lower.

The dollar range of $100 - $500 in all years found 43 records.

The dollar range of $100 - $1000 in all years found 46 records.

The dollar range of $100 - $1000 in 8 of those years found 99 records.

Go to Q-Xpress View and Assign the Quality Committed Donors to all records.

Use the Members with Donations Amounts Report. This report shows the last five years from whatever most current year provided. For each year, the total donations and donation count is listed and an average gift over the last five years.


Benefits of this information:

  • 1.    Potential donors for a planned gift.
  • 2.    Opportunity to say Thank You to Committed Donors.
  • 3.    Donors giving $100.00 annually may be interested in giving monthly. A gift of $10.00 monthly is a 20% increase. A gift of $15.00 monthly is an 80% increase.

Recognizing long term donors has its benefits. A call to thank them with the information regarding when they first gifted is priceless.