How to Report a Finite Set of Donors

Situation:  You have a set of donors or funders or organizations you want to contact.

You need an overview of the data recorded in @EASE.

You have identified the which records you want to report.

Go to the Lookup Tables and create a Quality.  AcctMgr Robert may be the field you set up.

On each record, you are interested in monitoring, add the Quality AcctMgr Robert.

The quality can be globally assigned if you can select a group and have the records displayed in Q-Xpress view.

By placing a Quality on a set of records, you can run:

  •          Donor Profile Report
  •          Members with Donation Amounts Report
  •          Corporate Contact Profile Report for corporate records listing all people employed and recorded in @EASE
  •          Pull a set of records for mail or email

The quality can be added as well as removed. To remove a set of qualities without using either Q-Xpress Delete or removing them individually, use Other Utilities found under File\System Maintenance. Only one Quality code is cleared at a time. Unnecessary values can be deleted from the Lookup Table, Quality values.