Reports you Need when Visiting a Donor

There are a few reports and notes which are of value when visiting with a donor. The visit might be in person or by phone. Access to accurate information is critical to maintaining the credibility of charity staff.

The data quality depends on what has been entered or if it has been entered.

Private Donors

  • 1.    Donor Profile Report

  • 2.    Dickens Report found in the Donor’s Profile

  •        a.    Lists all touchpoints
  • 3.    Communications Notes, should they exist
  • a.    Notes or gift plans

Corporate Donors

  • 1.    Donor Profile Report
  • 2.    Corporate Contacts Profile Report
  •        a.    Listing of all employees recorded in the Contacts, giving names, titles, and contact


  • 3.    Dickens Report
  • a.    Lists all touchpoints
  • 4.    Communications Notes should they exist.
  • a.    Notes, sponsorship commitments, & gift plans