Campaign Listing with Total Dollars Analytics

The Campaign Listing with Total Dollars can be run by fiscal year where all receipt records have been Updated to Master, or by receipt date where this has not been done.

Existing Report 

Campaign Listing with Total Dollars offers the ability to run reports over several Campaign Years by Fiscal Year as well as by Date Range.

We recommend always using a very broad Campaign Year when reporting by Fiscal Year or the Date Range in a Fiscal Year. This ensures that all campaigns like on-going pledges and in memory gifts or capital campaign gifts are included in the total. 

Please Note:  There are NO Campaign Type or Campaign Code values selected. This ensures all donations are reported.

Where U2M (Update to Master) has not been completed for a fiscal year, the By Receipt Date option is used and the dates are entered. The By Receipt Date uses raw data to calculate totals. By Fiscal Year uses totals from the Campaign Profiles which are numbers accumulated when U2M was previously run.  

These two reports are run when the charity is moving the year forward to ensure the Fiscal totals by campaign balance the total gifts by Receipt date range for the fiscal year.

Two graphical reports which have been available for some time show campaigns over the fiscal year which have run and then by Campaign Type which is an indicator of what has been most effective.

By Campaign

By Campaign Type

New Reports

New options have been added to facilitate information with graphical representation for fund development and board reports.

Option 1:  Use Comparison Report by Year (fiscal year) This shows activity from 2000 - 2018. The total Count represents the number of campaigns run in each year. The graph below the numeric report represents the total activity by year.

Option 2: To review on type of campaign over several fiscal years. The report and graph below show activity for all Direct Mail campaigns run in each fiscal year.

In this selection, no campaign code was selected only the Campaign Type DM for direct mail. If there was interest by the quarters which DM was run, a comparison by year would also be useful for reporting or analysis.

The Total Count shows the number of Direct Mail campaigns where donations were recorded in fiscal 2008. In our sample file some campaigns from previous years were recorded by the user. It may have been to reflect the return forms used.  This, however, would not be necessary in most cases. We added this bit of information to clarify the count. The report below shows all DM campaigns which recorded gifts in fiscal 2008.

Graphical Representation

Option 3: All of the above New Reports can be run and compared by Quarter. The Quarter is determined by the Year End value as shown in Organizational Defaults on the Other Tab.

It is important to note that the Year End date and Current Year are NEVER updated manually. The Year End menu on the main @EASE window should always be used to prevent the data being skewed.

In the window below we are requesting a comparison by fiscal years 2000-2018 for Quarter 3 which would run October - December.

Report and Graph