Donation Analysis Reports

The Donation Analysis Report will display

  • by postal or zip code which areas have been contacted for a direct mail or email campaign, 
  • which have responded showing a donation count, 
  • donation dollar ranges,
  • the total amount, and
  • the percentage of donations by postal zone/zip code.

Where no Response File is created it is possible to see which postal zones have responded.

At the point of exporting the final list of donors to be included in the solicitation, if Q-Xpress \ Q-Xpress Export is used offering the option to create a Campaign Response File. You need to have set up the campaign in order to create the Campaign Response File.

As the donations are entered fund development staff can now assess how the target audience is responding.

The Donation Analysis Report run by postal or zip code will show where the solicitations were mailed or emailed and what the response has been.

The report above shows a specific range demonstrating the flexibility of this report. Where there are potential donors who have not responded, @EASE can build a Campaign Response File of all donors by selected postal ranges. The percentages in the final column add another level of analytics for development staff.

Note: As donations to the campaign are updated to master (U2M) the Campaign Response File is updated to indicate a donation was received. Where not all donations have been U2M, and a Response file has been selected in the Q-Xpress view, the Q-Xpress Exclude \ Exclude by Campaign can be used for those donations received but not yet updated.

    For a full overview of building a successful campaign for a mailout or email download the Direct Mail Report. Direct-Mail.docx