In Memory Campaign Recogition and Handling Duplicate In Memory Campaigns Updated 2023

Many of our clients recognize In Memory campaigns once they have reached a certain donation value.

Note the Recognized box beside the start date. This indicates that this campaign has reached or exceeded the minimum dollar level to appear on a donor wall or for recognition of some form.

If we list all In Memory campaigns, the new Recognized As field shows the current status of all campaigns in the second column of the report.

The report request above looks to view all In Memory campaigns from Jan 1, 2000 - Aug 2, 2023

Note, all campaigns will be listed regardless of Recognized status. The date range is used so that amounts are accumulated and not listed by fiscal year.

The report shown above lists total dollars and the Recognized as Status.

To find all new In Memory campaigns that have not yet been recognized, a dollar range would be added in the Amount From and to fields, and Exclude Recognized would be checked.

Campaign Listing with Total Dollars with Exclude Recognized active

The report request above is looking for all In Memory campaigns which have reached 1000 in accumulated donations and have NOT been recognized.  (Exclude Recognized).

The output is below.


Did you notice the Assign Recognized button on the report window above? Click it instead of Preview.

The Assign Recognized provides a window of new In Memory donations which have reached the entry goal for recognition. Click the Recnzd check box and Save.

An Export to Excel is a good idea to ensure no one is missed.

You are now able to merge duplicates in memory campaigns.

Go to File\System Maintenance\Other Utilities

Choose the first campaign to keep by the earliest year. Select the campaign you wish to remove. Click Okay, and it is done. All donations and donors have been updated.