@EASE Dashboard Without the CLUTTER Perspective

@EASE provides many easily accessible reports to show the status of development activity.

The @EASE QuikEase icon found beside the red KMS icon offers many quick answers to questions charity staff may have without creating a cluttered login window.

@EASE Dashboard


For several years we offered the Institute for Business Technology consulting program, Personal Efficiency Program (IBT PEP), a program in work efficiency and effectiveness out of Boca Raton Florida. IBT consultants offer PEP internationally. We provided the program to large national organizations and smaller companies interested in greater productivity.

To better understand the program and before we began delivering it, our office was PEP’d. To this day, we use the methods the program employs and it has saved us from many hours of unproductive activities or actions which interfered with planned activity.

The one important lesson I learned when reviewing my work habits was my desktop!

Piled high with what I thought was my organized workload, really turned out to be a huge distraction. Instead of working on planned projects, a note would catch my eye and the day was off in a completely different direction. Having taken PEP, I now understand the impact of clutter and address it.

The Dashboard: Is It Desktop Clutter?

99% of what we have observed on different Dashboard offerings is easily found in @EASE, through the QuikEase icon, on an ‘as needed’ basis but not on the desktop which would be a cluttered view of the day when you login. Minimalism has started to impact website design and it’s a feature we have always included in @EASE.

Less is more.

Donor Retention and Annual Results

For more exacting information, like a real assessment of current year retention, there is the Retention Report. For annual totals, there is the Campaign Listing with Total Dollars report now featuring annual comparisons by fiscal year and quarter. Neither report takes more than a couple of clicks to run.

To see which campaigns or appeals are the most effective, the Campaign Listing with Totals Dollars displayed by Campaign Type, gives a bar graph to display the information.

New Comparative Reports by Fiscal Year and Fiscal Year Quarter

Daily Reminders of Tasks, Contacts

For those important reminders, Dickens appears first and foremost when you log in.

We don’t consider Dickens as clutter as it highlights important reminders of tasks and upcoming actions.

@EASE Dashboard … found in @EASE QuikEase Questions

Here are some of the Dashboard items you can access with a couple of clicks and no clutter:

  • 1.   How many donors do we have?
  • 2.   How many new donors by date range?       
  • 3.   How many receipt records and unique donors in the database?
  • 4.   How many gifts did we receive in a given date range?
    • Note the gift count, total charitable dollars, the unique donor count and average gift. Non-charitable totals are listed below.
  • 5.    Top 10 Donors of a given Date Range

To Clutter or to Inform?

We are looking at adding some meaningful capability without creating an unworkable system.

Please keep in mind, this is a business system and knowing how to use it is important.

@EASE has been designed for ease of use … no queries for the non-techies or reports to create.

We like to help our clients do what they are hired to do … so remember we will add new Q-Xpress and Reports should you find a need.

Your Input

We look forward to what you may want to see that is useful and not easily found in a report or export.

Please forward your ideas to ease@batschgroup.com … we are requesting input.

If you would like to call and chat, please do.

Thank you for assistance!

Batsch Group Inc