New Features 2019 and Comparative Reports

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The latest update brings your program to V 3.5.2019.512 and the database to V 405. Please watch for further updates.

It is important to keep your updates current as new features and fixes are always being added.

Rather than clutter your desktop with the old dashboard concept, @EASE has provided intelligent reporting throughout the software which anyone can run as no queries are required. Check out the QuikEase selections for those one-off questions you may need to know! QuikEase if the icon just to the right of the Red K for your KMS Tools.

The Batsch Group Team

New Analytics

You can now run comparisons by fiscal year to view results in numeric and graph format.

Comparison by Fiscal Year

The report can be run by quarter and it can be run to compare campaigns by fiscal year. Campaign Years include all campaigns that potentially run in the range given. Fiscal Years are the years we are comparing.

The Output Type is a Comparison by Year. The Total Count is a count of the campaigns in the Fiscal Year which received donations.

Comparison by Quarter

The Total Count shows the number of donations in the quarter being reported. The Quarters are based on the systems Year End date found under Organizational Defaults.

Comparison by Campaign Type

In the example below we are comparing the results of the Gala from one fiscal year to another. In this case all campaigns related to the gala are included in the total.  One would be able to compare only Donations if a Campaign Code was selected as in GA DON.

Due to the lack of data in the demo system we were able to show years 2002-2007.

This reporting feature lets development staff run comparison by quarter within fiscal year or by fiscal year as well as comparisons for specific events or campaigns.

The report and graph below shows a comparison of Direct Mail Fall by Fiscal Year.

Donate Now NEW

We have added a new feature to Donate Now which enables a donor to include the cost of the Service Fee with their gift.  This will have a significant benefit to @EASE clients as it reduces the service amount enabling them to retain a greater amount of the donation.

Other Features

Donate Now has additional features which include the ability for a donor to select where they would like their money allocated if the charity has placed a selection in the Donate Now Gift Designation Table.

All text fields required for input, have capitalization added to the words. This includes all name and address fields. The address fields are designed to give our clients the best possible address when importing the data for receipting.

iATS Payments will take a donation based on the credit card number, CVV number (Visa) security code and expiry date where some systems require an additional address where the donor address provided is not the same as the card’s address creating confusion.

Raise Funds with Ease

We are in the final stages of testing new embedded code for your events. Features like donations, teams and results will now be offered in a seamless environment.  Please stay tuned, the update will be announced and reflected in your Donate Now environment.

Clients using AccPac

We would like to acknowledge our systems Gurus who were able to counter an issue that affected one of our clients. The client had both AccPac and @EASE installed on a computer. The two were using conflicting versions of Crystal Reports used to generate reports.  It was @EASE systems engineers who investigated the problem and provided the solution.

@EASE –SQL Data and the Azure Cloud

The Azure Cloud offers @EASE clients the opportunity to receive a generous credit through Microsoft’s Non Profit program. You can now convert your @EASE database to an SQL format which sits on the cloud and enables you to run from any location where WiFi is accessible.

Imagine, your data and all documentation relating to your donors accessible from any site.

Our technical team will offer support for the cloud to ensure the best possible functionality.

A secure version of @EASE will reside on your workstation or laptop. For clients who use a mobile tablet, we will extend their license to include a second install.

Contact us now and let us show you our site so we can demonstrate how effective this solution can be for your organization.

New Campaign Maintenance and Campaign Listing with Total Dollars for In Memory Campaigns

Many of our clients recognize donations to specific In Memory campaigns. Recognition is usually based on donations that have accumulated to a specific level. To help with updating the donor wall we have added a check box for those In Memory campaigns which have been recognized. 

When the Campaign Listing with Total Dollars Report is requested, there is a feature to ignore all previously recognized In Memory campaigns to print only new campaigns in the dollar and date range requested.

The report will show which In Memory campaigns have been identified as Recognized.

There is more information in Campaign Setup for In Memory Campaigns. 

New Tutorial System

We have engaged HelpScout as our new Tutorial system for @EASE. We have included all the existing tutorials as well as much of the help found under the Help Menu.

You can now search for topics but remember to add the ‘+’ between words if you are looking for something specific. 

Your feedback will be much appreciated if you find areas which still do not provide clear answers or if you find typing errors … much appreciated.

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