Canceling a Pledge

Pledges can be cancelled for a variety of reasons. 

For an On-going pledge, cancellation simply means the donor has decided to terminate the gift. 

For a Fixed-length gift, cancellation could be the result of a move, a change of heart or some other reason.

Pledges with donations In Process cannot be cancelled. The cancellation date must exceed the last Posted date. A pledge may be cancelled at a future date if some of the Pledge Details can still be paid at the request of the donor. For example, the cancellation date might be September 30 and gifts for July and August are still to be taken.

Where a pledge master record can be cancelled, select the Pledge Notes before clicking Cancel and entering the Cancellation date.

The Pledge Notes pull-down provides an opportunity to record why a pledge is cancelled. The Q-Xpress selection, By Pledge Cancellation Date, can pull all cancelled pledges into Q-Xpress for further analysis. The Pledge Notes and Cancellation Date are displayed under Profile Description and Profile Date respectively.

The fields in the Q-Xpress file which would be list the cancellation dates and reason as shown in the Pledge Notes are the Profile Desc and Profile Date fields.