Posting Paid Pledges

To post paid pledge details use the Pledge / Export window and select the payment method to be posted. Click Select All followed by the Post button. Transactions with a Decline Code and any Retry Status are not included in the posting activity.

A Post window will appear that requires the entry of:

  • a posting date which is the receipt date
  • a received date
  • a starting batch number
  • the number of records in each batch 

For example: If you have 1000 receipts to post on January 15, 2018 which are credit card payments, you might choose batch number 20180115001 and put 100 donations in each batch. If you have an additional 1500 EFT transactions to post you would follow-up by using batch number 20180115020 and put 100 donations in each batch.

When Posting begins a status window appears letting you know how many records have been posted.

Please Note: Posting is done by transaction type ... EFT transactions are posted separately from Credit Cards, which are separate from Cheques.

A final Receipt Batch Report will show all posted records and the total of the transactions.