Monthly Pledge Handling Check List

*** Monthly Processing CheckList

1. Place pledge detail records into process by detail date using Pledge\Process and entering the date range.

2. Print the Pledge Transaction Report for the date range given and confirm that all pledge amounts are correct and the list is complete.

3. Where corrections need to be made, use the Pledge\Export window to locate the transactions that need fixing. Highlight the error transaction and click the Remove button to remove it from Process.

4. Go to the Pledge Master record and correct the pledge detail record.

5. Bring corrected pledge details back into Process using Pledge\Process from step one above.

6. Print an audit copy of the Pledge Transaction Report and file it.

7. Use Pledge Export to select all pledge details by payment method.

8. Update Pledge details using the Pledge Export window to reflect Decline Codes and a Retry value.

There are NO Retry Values when iATS Payments is used. When a donor asks for a payment to be retaken, the Pay Now button found in the Pledge Detail area can be used but only for Credit Card payments.

9. Select all pledges. Declines will be removed and updated to the Pledge master automatically.

10. Click the Post button to create Receipt records for all good payments. Take care when entering the Receipt Date, Date Received and Batch Numbers.

Do Not process and post pledges that do not fall into the same time period. I.e. Do not post January and February donations at the same time, as all posted donations have a common receipt date and received date value.