Declined Gifts & Credit Card Expiry Handling

Unsuccessful transactions need to be updated to reflect the reason for a failure to pay along with a retry value. Using the Pledge / Export window locate declined records and choose a decline value from the Decline Code pull down menu and a Retry value. The Retry status provides the opportunity to place the pledge detail in process at a later date or to cancel the detail permanently.

A Retry status of Yes indicates a record can be included in future process selection. A Retry status of No indicates that this transaction is no longer active.

Clicking Save and closing the Export window will automatically update the Decline Code and Retry Status of the affected pledge detail records.  For more information see the following tutorial.

Pledges that have a Retry value of Yes can be included in your next process selection.

Reporting Declined Gifts

Declined gifts can be reported using the Donor Receipting / Pledge Transaction Declined Report.

Note the Retry value. EFT payments which are declined should never have a Retry until the donor has been contacted.

To contact donors regarding a declined gift use the Q-Xpress selection Pledges / By Decline Code and Retry.

Credit Card Expiry Dates

To notify credit card donors about pending card expiry dates in writing use the Q-Xpress / Expiry Date Renewal.

To report pending expiry dates, use the Donor Receipting / Expiry Date Renewal Report.