Processing and Posting Pledges

Processing and Posting Pledges

To process pledges select Pledge from the menu bar followed by Process.

A window will appear asking for a date range to process, ie January 1, 2000 to Jan 31, 2000. This places in process all pledge details found in the date range.

Pledge details can now be handled according to their payment method. To view a list of in process pledges select the Pledge / Export from the menu. Choose from one of the five payment methods on the pull down menu. Ultimately all methods require handling to complete payments for a month.

  1. Electronic File Transfer
  2. Credit Card
  3. Post Dated Cheque
  4. Employee Deductions
  5. Gifts in kind

To create a listing of pledges in process by payment method, select the Pledge Transaction Report found in Reports \ Donor Receipting. We recommend printing this report, as it provides an audit trail of the transactions you are about to export and the total dollar value.

To change or update pledge details that are incorrect, the pledge detail must be removed from the in process state. This can be achieved by going to the Pledge / Export window and finding the detail in error by viewing the correct payment method window. Select the detail in error by highlighting it and click on the Remove button. This moves the pledge detail out of process enabling a correction to take place. To return the corrected detail to in process repeat the steps described at the start of this section. Pledge details already in process will not be affected.

The From and To Dates above relate to the Pledge Detail records and the Date found on each record.

The records are detail records which are now In Process ... ready to either be paid or declined. The final status of these records determines the status of a pledge and what is still owing.

The Payment Method is a pull down and when this window is open it may required a second Payment Method selection to ensure the most current window of pledge details is active.

Pledges for Payment

Credit card and EFT payments are made through iATS Recurring gifts. Once confirmation of successful payments have been received, the next step is to Post paid gifts and Decline gifts which were denied.

Please Note: The group of pledges in process remain active unless you Select All and Remove them.