Pledge Batch Report

The Pledge Batch Report lists all pledges entered in a pledge batch.

The report shows totals for monthly On-going donations as well as Fixed Length donations, thereby providing an accumulated total of Fixed Length gifts along with monthly transaction totals for both Ongoing and Fixed Length donations.

Please Note: The Pledge Batch Report shows whether a donation is on-going or not. It also shows if a donation is to be receipted yearly, the payment method and the amount. This is an important report because it enables the data entered to be checked before any processing begins.

The Pledge Batch Report is found under Donor Receipting.

The report shows both fixed length pledges and on-going. A total for fixed length pledges is offered but not for on-going as the number of gifts is unknown.

This is an important audit function. The report can be printed in chronological order where numerous records are entered in one batch.