Updating an Existing Pledge Master

Pledges can be updated. If no gifts have been processed, fields like the amount, start date, interval, etc. can be modified causing a new set of pledge details to be built.

If some transactions have been posted, fields like the pledge detail amount and pledge detail date can be manually changed in the pledge details window.

New methods of payment and account numbers can be entered if a donor changes their method of payment.

The Breakout Code has been left open should a donor decide to change the designation of their gift.

Changing Pledge Details

Changes to pledge details cannot be made if the detail is in process or if it has been posted.

We will qualify that statement by saying that if a posted pledge detail is invalid, it can be Voided by locating its receipt transaction record through the Receipt Maintenance window and clicking on the Delete button. This process will Void the receipt as well as the pledge detail.

Pledge details that are in process can be modified by moving them out of process. This is achieved by locating the pledge detail in the appropriate Pledge Export window, highlighting it and clicking the Remove button.

Charging Charitable Status

Posted pledge transactions that have not been printed can have their charitable status altered in the event the Pledge master record was entered in error. Simply un-checking or checking the Charitable box on the Pledge master window will cause all posted but not printed records (for the current) year to change. All Pledge details after the change is made will reflect the value shown on the Pledge master window.