Pledges: Fixed Length & On-going

There are several ways to handle pledges in @EASE. They are as follows:

  1. The Small P Pledge: If you are running a campaign or selling tickets and a donor says they will mail the payment by a specific date, you can use the regular receipt handling process showing a payment method of Pledge until the donation arrives. Using Q-Xpress Select / Receipting Amount Payment Method Date you have the opportunity to generate reminder messages selecting records by the payment method "Pledge" once the gift date has passed. 

2. The Big P Pledge: If you are involved in monthly giving of fixed length or on-going pledges, the @EASE Pledge area is the proper place to record this form of donation.

There are a few areas where using the Pledge Management System works very well.

Capital Campaigns:  Often larger gifts come in over time. A disbursement schedule is agreed upon and the Pledge Master record identifies both the amount and time which each payment will be made.  

Grants:  Grants will often include a disbursement schedule. The payment dates and amounts are recorded on the Pledge Master record which ensures the charity is aware of when cheques will arrive.

Donors:  Individuals or corporate donors can offer a gift which is often paid monthly.  Pledges may have a fixed length or they may be on-going with no specific end date. In each case a document may accompany the pledge.  Fixed length pledge campaigns are set up and separate from On-going pledge campaigns.

We Recommend:  The pledge agreement can be scanned, and save in the EaseKMS under a Pledge Agreements folder. Each scanned file can be linked back to the donor's master record using their Communications tab.