Organizational Defaults Email Tab

Email Tab

Sender Information

1)      Enter the Sender Name which is the name of your charity.

2)      Sender Email Address: This is the address you are sending from.

3)      Reply To Address:  This is the address being replied to.  We are suggesting that this be the address used to pick up all invalid email addresses when messages are returned.

Delivery Settings

1)      Delivery Method: is SMTP and the Port is most often 25.  Port 1025 is also used.

Where is the outgoing mail the port is 587.

2)      Server Name: Enter the name of your server.

3)      Authentication is required for Exchange Servers

The next two fields provide validation.

4)      Enter the User email.

5)      Enter the Password of the user's email

6)      Requires an encrypting connection (SSL) is not yet in use.  *** Check this when using port 587.

7)      Click the OK button to activate the Send Test Email and you will get an email as well as a sample receipt.

8)    Social Media Links

@EASE currently provides four possible social media links but only publishes three.  Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

When set up these will appear on all eReceipt email messages.