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Other Tab

1)      The YEAR END DATE is a CRITICAL FIELD and once defined should NEVER be modified.  @EASE updates the year-end date once all year-end processing has been successfully completed through the Fiscal Year-End \ Update Fiscal Year.  The Year-End date is used to prevent Update to Master on receipts that fall into the upcoming fiscal year and it provides the date parameters for features like Recalculate Update to Master for campaigns and donors.

2)      Current Fiscal Year The CURRENT FISCAL YEAR like Year End Date is another CRITICAL FIELD, that once defined should NEVER be modified.  The Current Fiscal Year is used to update the first and last year donated for first-time donors and at year-end updates the last fiscal year a donor has contributed.  The Campaign file accumulates total donations based on the fiscal year, as do the Donor Summary and Volunteer Summary files.  The Current Fiscal Year is updated through the Fiscal Year End\ Update Fiscal Year process.

3)      Required Login at Startup should remain checked otherwise the Windows login is used. If this login and password are incompatible with the Ease login and password, the user is locked out.

4)      Newsletter where checked will automatically check every new donor's Newsletter field. We do not recommend using this method to decide who does and who does not receive a newsletter.

5)      Advise of Schedule Activity ensures that all messages recorded in Dickens are delivered to the user, the moment they login.

6)      Default Area Code: This determines the default area code used for all phone numbers during data entry. The value can be modified at the point of entry.

Canada Revenue Agency Required Fields

            Users from countries other than Canada, can ignore the next 4 fields.

1)      Receipt Issue At:  Enter the name of the town

2)      Federal Agency:   This should read Canada Revenue Agency

3)      Federal Web Site: This should read\charities-giving

4)      Official Message:  This should read

"Official Receipt for Income Tax Purposes"

Constant Contact Information for List Management

User Name:  Enter the Constant Contact username

Password:   Enter the Constant Contact password

Google Calendar

User Name:  Special set up is required. Please contact Batsch Group


Remaining Fields Language Preference, Postal Tables, & KMS Folders

1)      Preference: This refers to language preference and is populated by the Language pull down found in the Look Up Tables. This is the default language of all entries and only those records where the language preference is other than entered here will have values on the master records. For example, if the language preference is English, only those private or corporate records who have expresses a wish to have their communications in a different language will actually have coding in their record.  All others will default to the value found in here.

2)      The Canada Post and US Postal Service sites are used to access websites for addressing purposes.

3)      KMS Folder Path: This path is used to help manage all electronic source documents.

4)      Donor Folder Path: This is a sub-path and found within the KMS path. It is used to help organize documents, pictures and general communications with key donors.