Organization Defaults Organization Tab

Organizational Defaults is found under System Maintenance. This area sets up the charity with its fiscal year values, name and contact information, country and more. 

Only level one administrators should have access to this area.

There are four tabs under Organizational Defaults which are important.  The Bank tab is no longer in use.

Organizational Defaults - Organization Tab

1. Name of the Charity

 The Name of the Charity appears on the top of all reports.  Part of the name is used for the CIBC EFT export file created when exporting donation for bank withdrawal processing.

2. The City in the charity address field is the default value for the City field used for new Private and Corporate address records.

3.     The Country is an important field as it determines the formatting of the postal code.  Where the country is Canada the format is LNL NLN where L is a letter and N is a number with a space between the two segments. 

 Where the country is the USA five digits with a space or dash followed by 4 digits is the format.  Please note:  The space or dash character must be added by the person making the entry.  It is preferable to use leading zeros to ensure uniformity to assist in reporting.

If the country is not Canada or the USA, the postal code goes to a free format field 10 characters in length.

Please Note:  Where a separator character is used in the postal code, like a space or dash, be sure to put it in, as it will impact on reports.

4. Charitable Number, Email and Website are used for eReceipts, PDF Receipts and creating a printed copy of a receipt should a donor lose their copy.

5.   The Logo File Path takes you to a .JPG file of the logo resides.  This should be no larger than 100 KB. Due to size constraints, a smaller version of the logo may be required from a print perspective. 

6. Donate Now Admin Site is the path to the Donate Now should a charity have one.

7. NEW  Schedule Online Payments. Check this box if you are using iATS Payments for monthly pledge payments or Donate Now for Pledged donations.  See the Receipt Tab to ensure your iATS Agent Code and Agent Password are correct.