What you Need to Know Before you Get Started on Yearly Receipting

There are three forms of yearly receipts in @EASE based on how they will be printed.

There are the hard copy yearly receipts printed on pre-printed forms.  Once the totals are confirmed these receipts are printed, if all looks good, the receipt numbers are assigned or POSTED to all gifts which make up the yearly total.  If an error has occurred, all, one or some of these yearly receipts can be Re-Set so they can be  corrected and re-printed followed by posting ... but this ONLY applies to receipts printed on the Pre-Printed forms. 

PDF and eReceipts

In the case of yearly eReceipts and yearly PDF receipts, once the totals are determined, it is VERY IMPORTANT to ensure the numbers are correct BEFORE going forward and POSTING. The sequence of Posting before creating the receipts is opposite what happens with pre-printed receipts.

Once the receipt numbers are assigned to eReceipt and PDF Receipts, there is No Option to Reset because the receipt numbering sequence needs to be protected by the program and for audit purposes.

The steps for all three yearly receipts are found in the sections below.

There is one form of pre-printed Receipt where the charity can have all yearly receipts added together to provide one comprehensive receipt for all activity during the period being receipted. This feature is only available for receipts printed on pre-printed forms.